Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just thinking of the song "dirty diana" by MJ and i'm wondering why anyone shld be referred to as "dirty". I've always considered myself to be liberal minded but its looking like the liberalism is getting in the way of common sense.........what???????? The human mind just wonders at times, thinking of all sorts of rot...........imagine me advising some gal to cheat on her BF (what? am i like crazy?) no, i aint(she wanted to hear it), was about preaching about the good act and she kinda looked like........"eh! she a preacher now?", well told her to just do it, but within boundaries(wonder wat that is).

Am i contented with where i am now? Am i okay, happy with my new bloke, does my life make me happy?
SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! my pretty head is a lil noisy right now, its so loud in there, i'm getting scared. Is this what being disturbed means? or is the noise normal? You know, i can hear a million and one thots all at the same time..........i feel like i'm going crazy or just plain UNHAPPY.


  1. It xomes on and on like that my dear, but we have the power to put a bar where necessary and set an edge.

  2. you are neither of both, it happens to most people every once in a while. You are okay babe..

  3. wow this is definitely different than anything I have ever had to handle own two kobo though...I feel no matter the depths of our liberality we should still have a certain reign, so to speak, for the salvation of our sanity...

  4. For me, I have found my place in the middle. Depends on the issue on the table. Take your time, you will too. Your pink on black is a bit hard to read though but great posts. I'm catching up cos am new.

  5. @sassy trends, thanks darl, think i'm setting dat edge now.
    @BSNC, good to know, i aint weird or something...ama jst join Amy winehouse
    @Chari....i try to maintain dt sanity but cld be diff at times.......
    @Myne, thanks darl for stopping by. i'm such a ninny wen it comes to color mix, u got suggestions on colors that will help

  6. " advising some gal to cheat on her BF..." hmmm, but, that ain't the real issue. What is even more worrisome now is the rate of divorce in our generation.

    So, eventually that you adviced her to cheat is not so much the issue (cos if you didn't she would still have anyways), but, why did she want to?