Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey peeps, i'm so happy with all these comments, makes me feel like i'm really not alone and u all are with me...........thanks peeps.

Ever wondered what it takes to be great, as in really make it in life. Ave been sitting here on my pretty derriere, wondering just when i'll hit it BIG and bam!!! i'm made.........sigh!!!! Its so obvious that i cant make it with this my boring 8 to wenever job.......argh! Ama just quit, get married and be a full time But for real, what do we need to do to make a difference??? How did Eleganza, Otedola, Abiola, Bill Gates etc make I gotta make it mennnnnnnnn......not necessaily fame but wealthhhh, comfort, wanna afford the bahamas, paris at the snap of my pretty little fingers..............ooooooooooooooo.

On another note, yea, i got a guy and he's really good(at least so far). Mwhile, i kinda like this guy at work, pretty cute and MAD..........yea, MAD............but???? of cos, i wont do much as i wanna.........sigh!!!!!!! (Eh! dont ask me who now))

My friend is taking the holy walk 2morrow and i'm spending the night with her and freinds in a hotel........truth is ama gonna look GOOD, come chek me beautiful, short gown and gold feathery hatlike stuff (cant recall the name now) anyway, ama gonna look GOOD, trust me.

My guy's janding feelings at all(for now). He'll be back in three weeks.

Was reading sun and saw this article on fab moms, u know moms with real cute figure after dropping.....hmmmm!!!! Demi Moore!! beats them all flat. will prolly load pics next time, i blog(not promising anything yet o). Yea, i know loads of surgeries most ave gone down, but good is good and she looks good (My mom also looks fab at her age, bliv me).

Sweethearts, ama leave here now, will def miss u all.

Love ya .


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  1. "...when i'll hit it BIG..." and a professor on miine once said, "master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration." Not to worry, opportunity (per time) is what makes people 'hit' it big. But, of more importance is that we must be ready (equipped, qualified).

    " much as i wanna..." okay, describe him.

    "...come chek me beautiful,..." better still, show me a picture.