Friday, July 31, 2009


There's nothing as boring as being a banker and worse being in the back office..........sigh!!!!! I feel bored to tears, bored outta my natural mind. I need a change of job, short i need such money that will empower me to take a walk and never look back. To fly away to da Bahamas, take a trip to paris (will probably find romance if not love), check up Egypt and the wonders of the world, acquire a jammo boyfriend, get a rich, young, tall, cute Nigerian guy to put a ring on it and sweep me off my feet, live life without the natural worries of everyday existence......well............wateva....................(Snap out of it chic, this is ur life).

Have u ever realised ow so different from novels and movies real life is, ave been searching for that thrill they all seem to experience and understand in da movie world to no avail.

Remember those my colleagues i aint yearning with? well, they are both moving outta the office, one to another dept, the other same dept but another block, anyways they are both leaving not only to other buildings but different streets and branches (I should be happy, right?).

I just aint, i feel a strange emptiness, u know the feeling that comes wit having to say goodbyes? the worst part is, i wont get to say goodbye cos i aint yearning with them (sour!!!), so i bid them the best here(yea, they cant see it but i I got the guys a piece of gift for his son and asked another collegaue to deliver............i really dont understand why we cant all just swallow our prides and move on, wateva(didnt mean to bore u guys with my sorrow yearns).

On a brighter note! ave found myself a man, okay more like ave started to gel for the one, u know that


Love ya all binty mush.

There this silly gurl bothering my life here, wants me to take her to see her fiance durhhhhhhhhhhh, told her i dnt bliv in love and dnt get what she's feeling....................................but i gatta go.



  1. "...i need such money that will empower me to take a walk..." my very fears. If you had all the money you ever needed, do you know you might just be bored very soon? challenges et al. Maybe, a better idea is "...a change of job,..." to something one loves, but, not the sole determinant of our income. In essence, have some other work or idea that generates regular income by the side.

    "...young, tall, cute Nigerian guy to put a ring on it and sweep me off my feet,..." as long as you are 'short' enough and your feets ain't rigidly firm on the floor; come along and you shall be swept off your feet like a damsel.

  2. @ rethots......thats so cool of u. Just reading this after a year

    I do ave a penchant for blogging when i'm tired and lonely and this is one of dem nights.

    Will blog all about it soon........Just too heartbroken, sad and tired 2 bother.

    Thanks 4 always stopping bye