Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Marriage is so in the air now..............bach eves, bridal showers, the big day etc...............sigh!!!!

I know its been a while ave been here, distractions from all sides of the globe wldnt lemme come pour out my heart, my lovely MJ dissipitated, HCM's sole aim is to kill me with huge targets within unattainable time frames not to talk of the money search bug that has just hit the system...............dang!!!! Life sometimes sucks but i'm happy i'm alive notwithstanding the slime and grime.

The man-distractions have been limited to just one(about all i can really handle at a time), others have taken cue from the cold treatment and ave finally thinned to the side lines(although they resurrect from time to time). I also feel much older now, dnt know if that's due to age, experience, weight, boredom or fatigue. Did i mention that i'm so over ex like orange wont go with yellow(yeow!!!), not like i'm head over heels with the current bloke(F) but......hmmm!! he sure will do, cos peeps keep reminding me that me biological clock is ticking(eyes rolling).

Its another day at work and i so need to change my unit or change jobs...........my peeps are actually real sweethearts to work with but the unit aint managment's fav and do u need a guess as to what that means(sigh!!!)...........guys, ama keep ma resume rolling.....

Well, i still dare to dream and i dream BIG, so big that even i know its just a DREAM. For instance, wanna get married to an insanely rich guy that i dnt need to work to survive, if i work its cos i wanna and only wen i wanna. Also, sometimes i dare to dream of love, being head over heels with someone thats insanely in love with me(is that remotely possible??).................sigh!!!! but i always remind myself that i'm just an averagely okay gal whose gotta fight a lil harder than others to live an xtraordinary live(whose gotta clue ow to outwit the band???). Also dream of having friends that will be true to me, okay, guess ave got that cos ave got some real good friends(even i know that).

On a brighter note, my friends and I organised a fantastic bridal shower for a friend....it was well planned to surprise the jitties outta the BTB and men! was she! hmmm! The parry was at my end and we just had a beautiful time TDB on friday night(smiles) such beautiful times.

Gotta get back to work.

Did i remember to let u all know how much i love you guys and i sure missed my lil villa loads..........



  1. We all luv you too hun..
    How have you been?

  2. On a lighter note... Moi is firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssst!...lol

  3. @sassy trends, i'm aight darling...........i'm beginning to think ama advertise this my blog on CNN.........lol

  4. "...if i work its cos i wanna and only wen i wanna." ultimately, i think that should be a default state for one to truly enjoy the work one does.