Thursday, June 18, 2009


Will like to give much love to Missk, Sassy and brokeassfab for disvirgining my blog page, thanks darls.

Today has been very boring with nothing to do, well since my supervisors aint around i decided to pend all my assignments till 2morrow too, the job can wait.....plsssssssssss.

Lemme tell u a lil about dat guy, the one dat smashed my innocent heart and robbed me of my V, ok maybe not robbed me cos it was sooooooooooo much funnnnnnnnn.

The day we met was actually a pretty horrible day for me(should ave smelt the heartbreak from day one), was in training and we were paid by cash cards( now dnt laugh, but that was my first real contact with cash cards) and was it a horrible experience. The money wldnt come outta d machine, upon d third attempt the card was swallowed by the machines and goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i was so in debt and disgusted, did i mention that i was also in a strange state(sigh!!). Finally gave up on the card cos the bank had closed and went back to me hostel with a really long, umade up look. Saw a class mate of mine with a fine looking young man chatting their hearts out by a babyboy. U know now, being a classy(albeit, unmade up) chic that i ma, i just ignored the duo and moved on. But they wldnt ave any of that, the class mate called me to ask about the sad, long look and voila!!!! fate rolled into motion.

He gave me his name and i was like "Brew", wats dat"Brew" ur parents actually christened u that(lol), with a straight face, dude said "yup"....he lied. Anyways, that meeting was uneventful, went to chase after my stipend that wouldnt dispense and becry my woes to colleagues in my shoes.

Then, some days to our big party...was flirting some with the friend(no deeper action intended) just a gal aving some fun and feeling her feminity...u know now. Anyways, the Brew called me and i was shocked outta my boots. He became a constant call buddy. The friend mwhile, thot he cld play a fast one and steal some "wateva" from me but????excuse me??? he wasnt getting shit, the friend had stolen me heart over d phone(lol), he cldnt ave gotten shit from me anyway, i wasnt down on me like that.......

Then back to lasgidi and we became a major "hot" item. Did i mention that i later realised he was a home scrub.....well, was bunking with some friends but by then,.......the heart had taken a run. We were always together, wenever we cld...met his FAMILY.....yea, they also play that kinda joker.

My guy then lost his job and was i a good, xtian chic, yup, i was... stood by him through the tears, shock, dissapointment et al. Did a lil of my money spending et al before he finally landed a job with a whopping fat pay..............BEGINNING OF THE END.

Did i mention that he lost his grandmum sometime and i followed him to an unknown land, buying gifts of condolence for his family...........things we do for love.......sigh!!!!

Well, he got this job and the story changed..............he became gbogbo bigs bois......
calls - infrequent, neva returns calls, voice over phone-cold, visits-only after whining. Then, u kinda nag too much, u are choking me, i'm confused.........................then the grand visit................and d royale dame.............sigh!!!!!!

Not like i didnt call b4 turning up at his door...i sure did but he was 2 busy to return the calls......
No apologies - first day, two missed calls 2nd day, then the lies and the attitude, the arguments, THE END.
THE FEELINGS........of stupidity, being used
THE MAILS..............BAD and RUDE

No one's ever mentioned that heatbreaks are literarily what they call them, u actually feek your heart breaking, like someone is piercing it with a pin.................u feel the pain and u touch it expecting to see blood..............................


P.S. typed in a rush, forgive the shells


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  1. Heartbreaks strengthens the resolve.