Monday, June 15, 2009

Musings for the day

Sorry, for the loooonnng break, i had a really stressful weekend and had no time to spare.........well, i'm glad to be back here giving u all a slice of my soul...........

I'm actually in a repentant mood right now.......u know wat i mean now??? wanna just chill with one man cos this double dealing thing..........ah! i beg na hard work.........i hail all dem bigs girls that know so much about for me i don tire. 6 months of double dealing(no fluid exchnage) and i'm sick to my tummy..........................guess i'm just a bloody good girl, sigh!!!

Did i tell u guys that i aint talking to some peeps in my office right now? Yes, i aint o.............a guy and a chic...............D guy don marry but he tried his darndest best to get a look into my inner being(u know wat i mean) dont blame me if i encouraged him a lil with loads of flirting........d truth is; ring or not, the guy fiiiiinnnnnnnnnneee. U know TDH syndrome dey worry am but i was too good to let him cup a feel jo. Most times i wish i had let him(whats the harm in it afteral?) he's got this bseductive way of licking his lips it makes u think of sucking on it foreeeeever......(na, dnt gimme dat look jooo).
Anyways, he got tired of the game since he wasnt getting rewarded so decided to bone me, na him fantasies will suffice (lol). He suddenly became real close to this other chic, who is one hell of a jealous cat....she so covets her neighbours properties(mwhile, i told d useless gal dat i liked d guy o) now they go about saying lil nothings to themselves wen they c me around and ave this private laugh that just makes me wish them dead( not like i'm saying they are, u know but.....). Mwhile, the stupid gal as got a boyfriend whom she constantly denies dating, wonder the morale behind that....

Forget those ones jo.....there's this other guy in my office i kinda like him and he's hot on my case, remember the one i'm spposed to be dating but technically not dating??? well, the guy's got swagga and a sterling sense of humour but????? i never find a playboy worse than he is, he has a zillion gals whom he likes( i know most cos we started out as good friends) now all he wants is to cup a feel..........aint that what they all want...sigh!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, wen are we gonna kiss, 2morrow, wen are we gonna x............tiring.

Someone should tell me, cant i get a guy whose got swagga, looks like a stud, speaks like the prince, with a heart of gold, totally faithful, kisses like a greek god, richer than bill gates, nicer than mother theresa and loves me and me me me me aloneeeeeeeee?????????????????

Got this other guy whom i just might end up with...............dnt like him that much yet though. K, he's not so tall just a lil taller than i am, got this nasal sound, and rod thin(lol) yea, but thats it.......the catch is i trust him totally(dont know why) and i cld grow to love him completely( what do u say????)

Sweethearts, i avent forgotten the story of the "wolf" that got to me, dont worry tomorrow is another day......................gotta run now.



  1. LMAO at dating for six mths without exchangibf fluids! damn! Need i clarify, what fluids r u referring to sef! hehe

    babes plls dont near tha one u wana do! Better u keep ur s**t out of da office

  2. u know what fluids are now....darh!!!(grinnning). Yup, wldnt be doing that....olohun ma

  3. "...cant i get a guy whose got swagga,... speaks like the prince, with a heart of gold, totally faithful,..." sure and much more, only believe and be very observant. He passes by you daily but, you notice not his many stares, whispers, scoopings et al.