Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New kid on da block

Hello blogsville, its me unguardedheart come join you.
Ave got a whole lot to talk about, my soul is yearning to be bared.
my secret sins to be told
I dnt need your judgements nor castigations, i just need to tell it all...................
I'm yearning to share with you all my gradual decscent into immorality and much more.
Need friends to tell my dreams, desires and aspirations without being judged as a ninnyhead.
to be sincere i'm really truly a good girl just with bad girl streaks and am i wilddddddddddd????? well, ehm, ave actually got a wild heart so dreams might just be a lil x-rated (u know as they say it violence, sex and strong language).
But do not be alramed i also love to keep God close, so u cld appeal to me using that wen it gets too much for you.
Sigh!! i'm so happy to be here doing the only thing i love to anyone found a way for us to get wealthy on gist????????? pls lemme be d first to know.

Aight! sigh! work calls.........gotta run
but remember watch out for this page, it promises to be bumpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

peace out


  1. wow.. sounds like we are in for quite a ride then.. welcome on board! and don't be a stranger!